Meet The Pen Sleeve Holders

Are you looking to protect your fountain pens from scratches? You might want to check these pen sleeve holders. A pen sleeve holder is a pretty good option to protect your pens.

You can use a pen box, a pen case, or a pen pouch. With so many options there’s really no excuse to store a pen unprotected in a drawer.

Why you need a pen sleeve holder?

These simple pen sleeve holders are a great solution to protect your pens when you store them. They also let you carry your pens in your backpack without worrying with scratches or minor damages.

A good pen sleeve holder is one of the easiest and most flexible ways to protect your pens. It adds no extra weight or extra volume to your pens and allows you to easily protect your pen barrel from most little problems.




Benefits of our pen sleeve holders:

With 3 cm X 16 cm (1.18 X 6.28 inch), these rectangular pen sleeve holders are perfect to prevent any scratches when you put your pens on your pocket, briefcase, or even on a drawer.

They’re compatible with most popular pen sizes. You can use these sleeves in any pen or even your favorite mechanical pencil. Just check your pen length and width to make sure it’s fully compatible.

These sleeves are made of a strong fabric that should let you carry your pens for a long time.

Another benefit of using these sleeves on the pens you have stored is to protect them from dust. Dust might affect the paint or body of your pens in the long term. A simple pen sleeve can help you increase the longevity of your favorite pens.

If you’re storing your pens outside of a pouch or a pen case, a pen sleeve can be a pretty good addition to your collection.

InexPens pen sleeve holders:

We currently have 3 types of pen holders available:

1 – Rectangular Pen Sleeve Holder


Measures 3 X 16cm (1.18 X 6.28 inches) and is a popular sleeve holder to easily protect your pens.

2 – Round Sleeve Holder


Made form the same durable synthetic fabric as the rectangle pen sleeve holders, the round pen sleeves provide you with another simple way to protect your favorite pens.

3 – Velvet Pen Pouch


If you’re looking for premium feel on your sleeves, the velvet pen sleeves are the perfect solution. Available in 5 colors these sleeve holders allow you to easily match the color of your sleeve to the color of your favorite pen.

Start protecting your pens in no time. Click here to check all our pen sleeve specifications.



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