Now Available: Blue Pentel 07 Refill

Our new Blue Pentel 07 Refill provide you the most super smooth writing experience. These refills fit most Pentel Energel models, and some rollerball pens. Check them at Pentel 07 Refill 0.7mm Blue.




Blue Pentel 07 Refills: For active everyday writing

Sometimes you only need one thing from a pen: to write smoothly when you need it, without any kind of problems. Gel pens are one of the most practical type of pens for everyday writing. If you’re an active person that needs to carry a pen in your pocket and write in any type of paper or surface, gel pens are a great option.

These refills last longer than rollerball or standard gel pens. With a durable plastic body, these Blue Pentel 07 Refills provide you with a much better writing experience than most ballpoint or rollerball pens.


This type of gel refill is used in most Pentel Energel models. The Blue Pentel 07 Refills are compatible with Pentel as well as many rollerball pens. Click here to check all the details.

Fast Drying Ink

These refills deliver a smooth writing and a beautiful blue color. When you use a gel pen you can expect a vivid color. Similar to the type of color you get on rollerballs and fountain pens. Pentel Energel refills provide you with a beautiful blue color, and all the reliability you expect from a gel pen refill.

InexPens Refills

These refills are part of our ballpoint and rollerball refills. Our goal is to provide you with the best type of writing experience for any of your pens.

Please check all our rollerball refills, and all our ballpoint pen refills.

If you love ballpoints or rollerballs, you might want to keep an eye on those 2 pages. We’ll be adding more refills for both in the near term. The goal is to provide you with more colors and options.

If you have any question about refill compatibility just email us and we’ll try to help you find the right refill for your pens.



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