InexPens Fountain Pen Tuning Package Set


InexPens Fountain Pen Tuning Package Set


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  • All you need to keep your fountain pens in tip-top condition
  • Allows you to easily clean and improve your pens
  • Comes with a powerful 15X magnifying glass
  • Long lasting cleaning package
  • Maintain all your collection clean and in perfect condition


InexPens Fountain Pen Tuning Package Set

Fountain pens require a bit of cleaning and maintenance. That’s a surprising fact for new fountain pen users, but once you know a little about these pens, it becomes part of the fun of using fountain pens.

InexPens Fountain Pen Tuning Package Set allows you to clean all your pens, feeds and nibs. This simple set allows you to easily remove, clean or tune your nibs.

Our InexPens Fountain Pen Tuning Package Set allows you to easily keep all your collection in tip-top condition.

With the InexPens Fountain Pen Tuning Package Set, you will have everything you need to ensure that your fountain pens are always in perfect conditions and that they keep writing just the way you like.


  • Comes with our practical grip rubber that allows you to easily replace your nibs
  • All in one solution
  • Includes silicone grease for your eyedroppers conversions and piston fillers maintenance


Why Do You Need To Clean Your Pens?

Just with a little maintenance, you can assure the perfect ink flow and preserve your fountain pens for the long term.

If you don’t clean your fountain pens, the ink will dry inside your nibs, and the damage might even become permanent.

But the maintenance and cleaning don’t have to be hard. If you simply clean your pens on every ink change, you should be good.


Here’s Everything You’ll Get In Your Fountain Pen Tuning Package Set:

  • 15X Monocular Magnifying Glass

This 15X loupe is a perfect companion to simplify your fountain pen cleaning and maintenance tasks. It allows you to check your nibs in detail so that you know if you need to fine-tune them or clean them.

  • InexPens Grip Rubber

The InexPens Grip Rubber allows you to easily remove some of the most difficult pen parts. Some pen parts like the feeds, nibs, and top of the caps, are tough to remove due to the lack of grip. Our Grip Rubber is the perfect solution to remove these pen parts quickly and safely.

  • 2 X Brash Sheets 0.02

These brash sheets allow you to easily clean your nibs and assure the perfect ink flow. These don’t have to be used all the time, but when you notice a poor ink flow, the brash sheets are a handy accessory to use.

  • InexPens Silicone Grease

InexPens Silicone Grease is used to seal the threads of your fountain pen when you perform an eyedropper conversion.

Another popular use for waterproof silicone grease is to lubricate piston-filled fountain pens and ink converters to keep them working smoothly.

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