Introducing The Standard Fountain Pen Ink Converters


If you’re still using pen cartridges, our Standard Fountain Pen Ink Converters might become your fountain pen best friend. Why Do You Need a Standard Fountain Pen Ink Converter? With an ink converter, you can use any bottled ink on your fountain pen. Bottled ink is cheapest and is available in a widest range of shades. Fountain […]

Introducing The InexPens Silicone Grease


InexPens Silicone Grease is used to seal the threads of your fountain pen when you perform an eyedropper conversion. Another popular use for waterproof silicone grease is to lubricate piston-filled fountain pens and ink converters to keep them working smoothly. If you’re looking to grease your piston seal pens or the threads on an eyedropper […]

Introducing The Jinhao 8812 Limited Edition


Meet the new Jinhao 8812 Limited Edition. This is a beautiful fountain pen tuned and perfected at InexPens.     With a 1.9mm stub nib, this Jinhao 8812 Limited Edition offers you an amazing line variation.     The wood barrel offers you the timeless design you love. The standard pen is already a solid […]

Now Available: Green Hero 366 Limited Edition


Introducing the Green Hero 366 Limited Edition. If you love classical fountain pens, you need to check out the hero 366. Clearly inspired by the vintage Parker 51, the Hero 366 has a lot of things going for it.     This limited version of the pen comes with a fude nib. Fude nibs like […]

Meet The Black Baoer 3035 Limited Edition


Meet the new Black Baoer 3035 Limited Edition. If you’re looking for a modern fountain pen with a timeless design, this Baoer might be a great option.     With a 2mm stub nib, this Black Baoer 3035 Limited Edition offers you an amazing line variation.     Meet The Baoer 3035 The Baoer 3035 […]

Introducing The Black Baoer 388 Limited Edition


If you’re looking for a custom stub fountain pen, the Black Baoer 388 Limited edition is a great option. With timeless looks and reputable reliability, this pen was perfect to work on and to create another amazing stub fountain pen.     With a 1.5mm stub nib, this Black Baoer 388 Limited Edition offers an […]

Now Available: Baoer 100 Limited Edition

The Baoer 100 Limited Edition might be the perfect addition to your collection. With a custom 0.7 stub nib, this pen offers good line variation and the flexibility that you need in a daily writer.     Here’s a brief writing sample of this new custom stub pen:     As you can see in […]