6 Benefits of Bullet Journaling


Bullet journaling is becoming more and more popular. Even though you may not be the best writer, the truth is that bullet journaling has nothing to do about writing your deepest and darkest secrets.

The reality is that bullet journaling can be used for a wide range of things. Ultimately, it has been successfully used as a creative way to organize your goals and tasks.




One of the things that you need to understand about bullet journaling is that there aren’t really any rules that you need to follow. You just need to find a way for it to work for you.

Between work, errands, appointments, coffee meetings with friends, dates, therapy sessions, you name it, you can annotate everything in your bullet journal in a creative way that works for you. But why should you do it and not to simply continue using your to-do lists?


The Main 6 Benefits Of Bullet Journaling


#1: It’s Affordable And Highly Customizable:




One of the best things about bullet journaling is that you can choose one depending on your budget. Even if you have a low budget, you won’t have any problems finding the perfect bullet journal for you.

In case you already used a planner before, you know that they include specific sections. However, sometimes, you need a planner that can adapt to yourself, to your own life, to your own to-do lists. So, when you are looking to start bullet journaling, you will discover that you can create all these sections by yourself. You can easily divide it into the months, days, even into hours if you like. Besides, you can make one week with all the separated days or you can skip one or two. It’s all about your preferences.

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#2: It’s Easy To Set Up:

One of the things that may be a bit scary is to look at a blank bullet journal. However, filling it with the content that you need is actually incredibly easy.

The truth is that you can divide it as you want and as you need. You can use multiple colors or just one. You can add a key or a legend so that you can keep track of your tasks in an easier way.

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#3: It Helps You Be Organized:




The reality is that with so many different things that you need to do every day, it becomes harder and harder to remember everything. Even when you use to-do lists, it is frequent that you just forget where you put it or that you leave it at home. And this can be incredibly frustrating. So, to prevent this, keeping everything organized in just one place is ideal.


#4: You Will Have It All There:

The reality is that with so much going on in your life, while you are thinking about what you are cooking for dinner, you are remembering that you need to deliver a project today and that it is your turn to pick up kids at school. In the middle, you’ll need to find time to go to the grocery store and call your friend to wish him a happy birthday. Wow… How will you do all that?

Well, the truth is that for many people, this is just one more day in their lives. So, when you bullet journaling, you will have all these things right in the same place and you can easily determine how you can do them all. You can plan ahead and don’t forget about anything.

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#5: It Increases Your Productivity:




One of the things that you will discover when you are bullet journaling is that it will appear that you now have time to do more. While this is mainly because you are planning your day ahead, it is also true that when you have everything that you need to do in the same place will allow you to better organize your time. So, your productivity will increase.


#6: It’s A Great Tool To Keep Track On Your Goals:

We all have our own goals. However, we sometimes forget about them and we just remember which ones they were when it’s another New Year’s Eve. So, it is time to change these things and really commit to the decisions that you make each year, on the 31st of December.



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