Diamine Amaranth Ink Review


If you want to spice up your day and try a new fountain pen ink, you can turn to Diamine. Due to the wide variety of colors that Diamine has, you’ll never get tired of experimenting new ones. And the Diamine Amaranth may be a great option. 


Here’s Diamine Amaranth in 21 seconds:



Here’s Diamine Amaranth in Water:



First of all, one of the colors that you may never think about trying out is the Diamine Amaranth Ink. This beautiful shade of pink is amazing. Almost above all, the color that you get on paper depends on the pen that you’re using. If you prefer writing with a wet pen, you’ll get a darker reddish-purple. In contrast, if you use the Diamine Amaranth Ink with a dry pen, you will get an amazing opaque dusty rose. As a result, you will get a different pink shade for every occasion.


Fountain Pens Used:


Diamine Amaranth Writing Test:



Diamine Amaranth Ink Drop:



Furthermore, one of the best things about the Diamine Amaranth Ink is that it is fairly quick to dry. Hence, you won’t get any hard starts or skips no matter which pen you use.




Likewise, the bleeding and feathering, the Diamine Amaranth Ink is absolutely amazing. They are practically non-existent.






As a result, the Diamine Amaranth Ink is a beautiful shade of dark pink. It dries fairly quickly and it just flows.



Bordeaux Ink Comparison:


InexPens-Burgundy-Ink InexPens-Chestnut-Ink InexPens-Maroon-Ink
Diamine-Deep-Dark-Red-ink Diamine-Oxblood-ink Diamine-Syrah-ink
Diamine-Merlot-ink RK-Alt-Bordeaux-ink


InexPens Diamine Amaranth Ink Samples:

Our Diamine Amaranth ink samples are available in 3 sizes: 2ml, 3ml, and 5ml. All these ink samples come in a premium glass ink vial to protect your ink for years. Besides, you will also get a colored label. This way, you can have your fountain pen ink collection always organized.




14 thoughts on “Diamine Amaranth Ink Review

  1. Andrew says:

    I’m surprised with the Diamine Amaranth. It’s not my type of color, but I’m using it much more often than my regular browns or red inks.

  2. Jules says:

    I love the Diamine Amaranth. Got a small ink sample, and need now a larger one or a full sized bottle. I love ink bottles, but I was running out of space and I don’t really need gallons of ink… I’m now looking to your 5ml ink samples.
    Thank you for a nice review and for introducing me to such a nice ink.

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