Introducing The Black Baoer 388 Fountain Pen

Introducing The Black Baoer 388 Fountain Pen

If you’re looking for a new fountain pen, the Black Baoer 388 fountain pen is a great option. With timeless looks and reputable reliability, this pen is perfect for everyday writing or for collectors.


Black Baoer 388 Fountain Pen


With a smooth stainless steel medium nib, this Black Baoer Fountain Pen offers an amazing writing experience.

You’ll appreciate the simplicity and smoothness you’ll get with this pen. It already comes with an ink converter and you always have the option to use international sized ink converters.

The attention to the details is evident in this pen, so it looks and feels like a much more expensive pen.

Baoer 388 Specs

  • Pull-Type cap
  • Custom Stub 1.5mm Nib
  • 134mm (5.28″)
  • Weight: 29 grams
  • Body material: Metal
  • Color: Black With Gold Trim

Fountain Pens: An Exclusive Writing Experience

fountain pen turns your writing tasks into moments of pleasure. They provide you with the most smooth writing experience and provide a feel that’s completely different than the one you get with a ballpoint pen.

No matter if you’re writing your notes or tasks in a piece of paper, or if you’re signing documents, a fountain pen turns those simple moments into a relaxing experience.

The Baoer 388 Fountain Pen

If you order one of these pens, you can easily use any bottled ink of your choice since the Baoer 388 brings an ink converter. If you have some international cartridges laying around you can also use them in this pen.

Made of metal this Baoer 388 weights around 29 grams. The full length of the pen is around 134mm and you can write with it capped.

It’s a highly comfortable fountain pen. Additionally, the design and weight are perfectly balanced so you can use this pen on long writing sessions.

Unlimited Personalization

You can easily personalize this Baoer 388 Fountain Pen to your preferences. You can easily get a completely different writing experience with it by replacing the nib. If you’re interested in getting the most out of your new fountain pen, check our replacement nibs. This pen is 100% compatible with our size #5 replacement nibs.

All these nibs can be used in any compatible fountain pen. Therefore, you have the chance of changing and adapting any of your fountain pens to your hand lettering or your taste.



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  1. Got one of these Baoer 388 with a 1.1 custom nib from you. And wow, It’s my favorite pen! Good job.

    1. Thank a lot for your kind words. Enjoy it 🙂

  2. Looks great. Only have one Baoer pen but it’s a pretty decent pen. Great value for the price.

    1. Thank you Glenn. I agree with you.

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