Introducing The Black Baoer 388 Limited Edition


If you’re looking for a custom stub fountain pen, the Black Baoer 388 Limited edition is a great option. With timeless looks and reputable reliability, this pen was perfect to work on and to create another amazing stub fountain pen.




With a 1.5mm stub nib, this Black Baoer 388 Limited Edition offers an amazing line variation.




You’ll appreciate the simplicity and smoothness you’ll get with this pen. There’s an included ink converter and you always have the option to use international sized ink converters.

The attention to the details is evident in this pen, so it looks and feels like a much more expensive pen.

Baoer 388 specs

  • Pull-Type cap
  • Custom Stub 1.5mm Nib
  • 134mm (5.28″)
  • Weight: 29 grams
  • Body material: Metal
  • Color: Black With Gold Trim

Limited, Exclusive and Collectible

InexPens Limited Edition Fountain Pens are designed for those who look for uniqueness and exclusivity. We manually grind, smooth and polish the nib, to create a unique writing experience. The result is a unique and highly collectible fountain pen.

This pen includes 2 X 3ml ink bottles and a 5ml Fountain Pen Cleaning Solution. So, you’ll have everything you need to start using your new pen.

The Baoer might be a new brand for some, but for others is one of the most reliable Asian pen manufacturers. In this edition, we started with a good pen and turned it into a unique fountain pen.

The nib was manually tuned and perfected to offer the perfect balance between line variation and smoothness.

The Black Baoer 388 Limited Edition is our latest creation. This pen is part of an exclusive collection where we work on good regular pens and convert them into unique writing instruments.

If you want to read all the details or order your Black Baoer 388 Limited Edition simply click here.



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