Introducing The InexPens Silicone Grease


InexPens Silicone Grease is used to seal the threads of your fountain pen when you perform an eyedropper conversion.

Another popular use for waterproof silicone grease is to lubricate piston-filled fountain pens and ink converters to keep them working smoothly.

If you’re looking to grease your piston seal pens or the threads on an eyedropper conversions, check our InexPens Silicone Grease.




Why use an eyedropper pen?

Eyedropper conversions are amazing fountain pens. They allow you to carry up to 3 or 4ml of ink, which is much more ink than any converter or cartridge allows you to.

When you convert a fountain pen into an eyedropper, you use the entire barrel as an ink reservoir, so there’s not any other solution that allows you to carry this much ink in your pen.

Piston and converters lubrication

If your piston filled fountain pen or your ink converters require too much effort to fill, it might be time to lubricate them with waterproof silicone grease. Just by using a little quantity of silicone grease, they work as new once again.

How to use silicone grease

It couldn’t be easier. You simply use a small stick to get the silicone grease in the threads. You can use your fingers, but I usually prefer to use a stick, and then use a finger to spread the silicone grease.

Do you need an O Ring for eyedropper conversions?

That depends on the pen you’re converting. Some pens require an o ring, others won’t. Some people advocate that you always use an o-ring in any eyedropper conversion. I’ve been using simply silicone grease on dozens of pens without any problem or leaking. If the pen design won’t seal correctly, you might need an o-ring. I confess I never had that problem, so I stick to this silicone grease.

If you’re using a less dense silicone grease, maybe you need the ring. I can only comment on our silicone grease, and I never had the need for the o-ring yet.

InexPens Silicone Grease is waterproof and one single unit lasts for years. Even if you convert plenty of fountain pens to eyedroppers, each time you seal a thread you only need to use a drop of silicone grease. So, a small jar like this one should last you for years.

The InexPens Silicone Grease has approximately 3cm x 1.5cm (1.18” x 0.59’’).

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