Meet the Beautiful Hero 7036 Fountain Pen

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Meet the beautiful Hero 7036 Fountain Pen. With a classic metal body design, this pen has a timeless look and feel.

With a stainless steel medium nib, this pen works well in most types of paper. It provides a smooth writing experience even on regular printer paper.




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Fountain Pens: An Exclusive Writing Experience

A fountain pen turns your writing tasks into moments of pleasure. They provide you with the most smooth writing experience and provide a feel that’s completely different than the one you get with a ballpoint pen.

No matter if you’re writing your notes or tasks in a piece of paper, or if you’re signing documents, a fountain pen turns those simple moments into a relaxing experience.

Unlimited fountain pen ink shades

In fountain pens, you have unlimited colors to write with. While on ballpoint pens you have a blue, black or red, in fountain pens you have dozens of shades in each color. No matter your personal taste, there’s a perfect fountain pen ink color for your needs.

InexPens Hero 7036 Fountain Pen

This beautiful Hero 7036 fountain pen is an amazing fountain pen. It brings its own ink converter so you can use any bottled ink right away.

If you prefer the flexibility or ease of use of cartridges, you can also use ink cartridges on this pen.

With its stainless steel nib, this Hero 7036 provides a smooth writing experience and the longevity that you’re looking for.

This fountain pen is perfect to use or a special gift. Pens are perfect gifts for those that appreciate handwriting. They make a great birthday or Christmas gift and this fountain pen is no exception.

Unlimited personalization

This Hero 7036  can easily be personalized to your preferences. You can easily get a completely different writing experience with it by replacing the nib. If you’re interested in getting the most out of your new fountain pen check our replacement nibs.

You can easily use any of these replacement nibs in any compatible fountain pen. This way,  you can change and adapt any of your fountain pens to your hand lettering or your taste.



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