Now Available: Green Hero 366 Limited Edition


Introducing the Green Hero 366 Limited Edition. If you love classical fountain pens, you need to check out the hero 366. Clearly inspired by the vintage Parker 51, the Hero 366 has a lot of things going for it.




This limited version of the pen comes with a fude nib. Fude nibs like this one offer great line variation, so they’re a perfect choice for calligraphy and drawing.




Hero 366 Specs

This is a light pen. While the full weight with the cap is near 19 grams, uncapped, the pen weights next no nothing.

This is a major advantage or disadvantage depending on your preferences. I personally prefer heavy and large pens, but I still find this hero 366 fun.

The cap is a simple pull-type cap and you can write with the pen capped at the bottom. It’s actually the best way to use it in my opinion since the pen length is just 120mm.

This pen comes with a pen sac, so no need to use converters or cartridges. You simply insert the nib into the ink bottle, give a couple of squeezes on the pen sac, and you fill it.

Again, it all depends on your preferences. It’s not the best filing system in the world for me, but it adds some personality and charisma to the pen. As a fountain pen user, I tend to stick to converters most of the time, but I find this filling system interesting for a change.

This is a plastic pen and might be the lightest pen I’ve used so far. That might give you the impression the pen is not durable or reliable enough, but the truth is I’ve been using some of these pens for years and never had a single reliability problem with them.

While some premium plastic or acrylic fountain pens get some cracks over the years, my heroes 366 remain as new. So, while the pen won’t give you a premium feel, it is reliable and practically indestructible.

Hero 366 Limited Edition Specs

On the limited edition we replaced the nib with a good calligraphy nib. This is a fude nib that will give you an extra character to your handwriting and that offers a generous line variation.

The feed and the sac filing mechanism had to be adjusted and tuned in some of these models, but when you get it you know it’s working perfectly well.

This pen comes with 2 3ml ink bottles and a 5ml fountain pen cleaning solution.

If you’re looking for a reliable and classical fountain pen, this Hero 366 can be a terrific choice. Some pens promise a lot and deliver just a little. This Hero is on the opposite side of that spectrum. It looks good if you like a classical design, but won’t feel like a premium pen.

But then, it keeps writing and performing for a long time. It’s not a sexy pen, it’s a workhorse. And we all need a couple of these on our collections.

The goal with the limited edition was exactly to bring some more fun and uniqueness to the equation, with the much superior nib. But at the same time, we wanted to make sure we wouldn’t affect the pen qualities.

All in all, the Green Hero 366 Limited Edition is a pretty neat fountain pen. If you want to read more about it simply click the links and if you love what we’ve done with it, get your own Hero 366 today.



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