0.02 Brass Sheet - Pack Of 2


0.02 Brass Sheet – Pack Of 2


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  • Perfect for flossing between the nib tines on your fountain pen
  • Keep your ink flowing smoothly
  • A single brass sheet should last you for years
  • Easily fits between your pen tines without misaligning the tines
  • Easy to use


The Perfect Solution To Keep Your Ink Flowing Smoothly

InexPens 0.02 brass sheet allows you to easily clean your fountain pen nibs and keep the ink flowing smoothly.

You can use it periodically when you’re cleaning your fountain pens to clear out crusted up ink or lodged paper fibers from your nib and assure the perfect conditions of your nib.


  • Pack of 2 brass sheets
  • Can be used in any nib size
  • The perfect cleaning solution for any nib smoothing tasks


Why Do You Need Brass Sheet?

If you notice that your fountain pen has some crusted up ink or any lodged paper fibers, you can easily clean it with our 0.02 Brass Sheet.

Our set of 0.02mm brass sheets is perfect for flossing between the nib tines of your favorite fountain pen. This simple maintenance task allows you to keep your ink flowing smoothly.

Our 0.02 bass sheet easily fits between your pen tines without causing any damage or misaligning the tines.


A Single Brass Sheet Should Last You For Years

A single brass sheet should last you for years. You use the brass sheet corner to floss your nib tines, but when the corner gets damaged, you can easily cut it with a scissor, and you’ll get 2 new corners to use.


How To Use Brass Sheets?

The best way to use this brass sheets is to insert the corner of the sheet into the slit of the nib (or breathing hole). Then, slowly and gently drag the brass sheet toward the tip of the nib. Repeat the process if necessary.

While you can execute this process in an inked pen, it’s much better to do it during the cleaning process. Wash your fountain pen with water and cleaning flush, and then take some time to use your 0.02 brass sheet.

If you prefer to, you can also remove the nib from the pen in order to use the brass sheet. That’s not required but it allows you to easily clean your nib without any concerns about the feed.


How Often Should You Use Brass Sheets?

Cleaning your nibs with a brass sheet is not something you need to do much often unless you’re using some aggressive fountain pen inks.

If you’re performing any kind of nib smoothing, using a brass sheet becomes even more important since this is the perfect way to remove any tiny metal particles from your nib.

The brass sheets are part of our cleaning products. Check all our fountain pens cleaning products here. 


Technical Specs


Condition New
Brand InexPens
Model 0.02 Brass Sheet
Type Fountain pens cleaning
Color Gold
Material Brass
Nib Compatibility Any Nib Size
Dimensions 2.3cm X 5cm (0.91 X 1.97 Inches)
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