Folding Magnifying Glass / Loupe


Folding Magnifying Glass / Loupe


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  • Allows you to check your nibs in detail, fine-tune it or align it
  • 8X magnification loupe
  • Allows you to work without holding the loupe on your hand
  • Folding mechanism: saves space
  • Easy to use


Folding Magnifying Glass / Loupe

This 8X loupe is a perfect companion to simplify your fountain pen cleaning and maintenance tasks. It allows you to check your nibs in detail so that you know if you need to fine-tune them or clean them.

If you notice poor ink flow on your fountain pen, this loupe can be handy. You can easily check if your nib is misaligned and adjust it.


  • Optical glass
  • Hands-free operation
  • Small and portable
  • Hands-Free Loupe


The main advantage of this 8X magnifying glass is that due to its design, it allows you to use it easily without holding the loupe on your hand. You can simply mount the magnifying glass, and you have both hands free to hold and tune your pen.


Small Size, Lots Of Functionality

The compact design also allows you to easily store or take this flexible loupe with you and even use it outside.

Sometimes a scratchy fountain pen nib is simply a matter of having the tines misaligned, and a magnifying glass like this one can make your life easier.

This loupe features a wide viewing field which is great for those with little experience viewing their fountain pen nib under magnification.


Simple To Use, Store And Carry

Folded, this magnifying glass is just 22 X 38 X 56mm. That’s so small you can carry it with you anywhere, or store it easily. You can mount the loupe in just a few seconds and easily work on your nibs.

This lightweight but sturdy magnifying glass will make your job easier.


More Than Enough Magnification

There are several magnifying glasses on the market that claim 10 or even 20 magnifying power. Truth is, 8X magnification is more than enough for working on nibs. The practicability of this loupe turns it in a much more handy loupe for fountain pen enthusiasts than any other loupe format.

This handy magnifying glass is part of our fountain pen cleaning and tuning products. Click here to see all our accessories.


Technical Specs

Condition New
Brand InexPens
Model Folding Magnifying Glass
Type Fountain Pens Tuning and Cleaning
Color Black
Material Plastic, optical glass, zinc alloy
Box Included  No
 Foldable Yes
Dimensions Open 50 x 38 x 56mm (1.97 X 1.50 X 2.20 inches)
Dimensions Folded 22 x 38 x 56mm (0.87 X 1.50 X 2.20 inches)
Magnification 8X
Lens diameter 30mm
Weight 118g (4.16oz)
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