InexPens 30ml Bulb Syringe


InexPens 30ml Bulb Syringe


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  • With 30ml capacity, it’s perfect to clean your fountain pens
  • Cleans feed and nib easily
  • The faster way to clean your pens
  • Made from soft resistant rubber
  • Suits most fountain pens feed designs


InexPens 30ml Bulb Syringe

This 30ml bulb syringe is perfect for cleaning pens. You can fill it with water or cleaning solution and easily clean your feed and nib.

With a 30ml capacity, this bulb syringe allows you to clean your fountain pens much more quickly than when using a converter or a syringe.

Made from resistant rubber, this syringe can keep all your pens clean for years.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Can be used with water or cleaning solution


Clean Your Nib And Feed Quickly

Due to the 30ml capacity, this bulb syringe allows you to instantly clean your nib and feed. While a converter only takes 1ml of water or cleaning solution, this syringe takes 30ml. In a single action, this bulb syringe allows you to take 30 times more water than a converter does, so the cleaning process is much faster.


Works In Any Fountain Pen

The flexible rubber adapts to any fountain pen. You can easily insert the syringe on the top of the feed where you insert your cartridge, and press it to pull or push water. In a single pull and push, most nibs and feeds become clean.

Due to the material and design used, you can use this bulb syringe with any fountain pen brand.


Water Or Cleaning Solution

You can easily use water or fountain pen cleaning solution with this syringe. The rubber is resistant so it won’t be damaged with a cleaning solution. This kind of flexibility allows you to clean your pens the way you want to, but just in a faster way.


How To Use The Bulb Syringe

  1. Start by unscrewing the fountain pen barrel
  2. Remove the pen converter or cartridge
  3. Fill an inkwell, a glass or any recipient with clean water or cleaning solution
  4. Put the bulb syringe tip into the water and squeeze to draw up water (or flush)
  5. Insert the bulb syringe into the pen body and squeeze to flush water through the feed and nib
  6. Repeat the process until the water runs clear through the nib
  7. Leave parts to air dry for an hour before reassembling the fountain pen

Our bulb syringe is part of our cleaning and maintenance accessories. Click here to check all our cleaning and maintenance products.


Technical Specs


Condition New
Brand InexPens
Model Bulb Syringe
Type Fountain Pens Cleaning
Color Orange
Material Rubber
Box Included  No
 Compatibility All sizes of nibs and feeds
Diameter 48mm (1.90in)
Diameter Tip 4mm (0.16in)
Height 91mm (3.58in)
Weight 23g (4.16.oz)
Max Capacity 30ml
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