InexPens Cleaning Package Set


InexPens Cleaning Package Set


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  • All you need to keep your fountain pens in tip-top condition
  • Allows you to clean: pens, feed, nibs, cartridges, and converters
  • Highly concentrated cleaning formula
  • Allows you to clean and refill: cartridges, converters, and eyedroppers
  • Maintain all your collection clean and in perfect condition


InexPens Cleaning Package Set

Fountain pens require a bit of cleaning and maintenance. While this may be a surprise for new fountain pen users, but once you know a little about these pens, it becomes part of the fun of using fountain pens.

InexPens cleaning package set allows you to clean all your pens, feed, nibs, cartridges, and converters. It allows you to easily keep all your collection in tip-top condition.

With the InexPens Cleaning Package Set, you will have everything you need to ensure that your fountain pens are always in perfect conditions and that they keep writing just the way you like.


  • Long lasting cleaning package
  • All in 1 solution
  • Allows you to clean and maintain all your pens and accessories


Why Do You Need To Clean Your Pens?

Just with a little maintenance, you can assure the perfect ink flow and preserve your fountain pens for the long term.

If you don’t clean your fountain pens, ink will dry inside your nibs, and the damage might even become permanent.

But the maintenance and cleaning don’t have to be hard. If you simply clean your pens on every ink change, you should be good.


Here’s Everything You’ll Get In Your Cleaning Set:

  • 50ml InexPens Highly Concentrated Cleaning Solution

Perfect to clean your pens, cartridges, feeds, nibs, and converters. This highly concentrated cleaning solution allows you to remove ink stains or ink residues from any of your pens. Cleaning a pen with this cleaning solution allows you to maintain your fountain pen internals in perfect shape, and assures the perfect ink flow.

You can also clean any accessories with this solution. To clean a cartridge, for example, you can simply use a syringe to refill your cartridge. Let it sit for some hours, and clean your cartridges with water. The end result is a perfectly clean cartridge ready to be refilled with a different ink.

  • 3 X 5ml Plastic Vials

These plastic vials are perfect to fill with cleaning solution to clean your pens. By using these vials you can easily fill any of your pens without contaminating your 50ml cleaning solution.

These vials can also be used to store or mix fountain pen ink, so they’re a perfect addition to your pen collection.

  • 2 X Brash Sheets 0.02

These brash sheets allow you to easily clean your nibs and assure the perfect ink flow. While you don’t need to use them all the time, when you notice a poor ink flow, the brash sheets are a handy accessory to use.

  • A 5ml Syringe With Needle

This is a highly reliable 5ml syringe. It allows you to easily fill converters, cartridges, or vials with InexPens cleaning solution. In addition, it can also be used to clean your cartridges or nibs with water, or simply to mix ink on your new 5ml plastic vials.

  • 3 X Transfer Pipettes

To easily fill vials or eyedroppers with InexPens cleaning solution. Besides, these transfer pipettes are also perfect to mix ink or to simply add some ink on some empty bottles and vials.


This package set allows you to keep your fountain pens, cartridges, accessories, converters, and nibs clean.

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