The Most Common Beginner Fountain Pen Mistakes


While using a ballpoint pen is more practical, writing with a fountain pen doesn’t only enhance your writing as it is also unique. The truth is that when you are comparing both pen types, you will see that fountain pens are usually costly. In addition, they also require a bit more attention and care.

However, you know that using a fountain pen will make a difference in your work life. So, as a beginner in this world, you need to understand that you are more prone to make some mistakes. And this is perfectly ok.




The reality is that the cost of using a unique fountain pen is that you need to pay attention to certain details. Nevertheless, you can take our word on it that it is completely worth. The experience of writing with a fountain pen doesn’t even compare to the experience of writing with a ballpoint or even with a rollerball.


Most Common Beginner Fountain Pen Mistakes


#1: The Wrong Paper:




One of the things that makes fountain pens unique is the fact that your handwriting will be slightly different when you use two different fountain pens. This is related to the nib and to the ink feed. In addition, you also need to pay special attention to the paper that you are using.

The truth is that if the paper is just too thin, you’ll see ink bleeding. Simply put, ink bleeding occurs when you are writing on a paper that doesn’t absorb the ink. So, when you are using a fountain pen, you need to make sure that you are using a thicker paper.

In case your fountain pen comes with an extra fine nib, you shouldn’t have any problems with the paper since you won’t probably notice any ink bleeding.

#2: Pushing The Nib Too Hard:




When you are used to writing with a ballpoint or a rollerball, you may be pushing too hard into the paper. However, this isn’s a problem with these pens. On the other hand, when you are writing with a fountain pen, you can also add pressure. Usually, the more pressure you make, the wider your pen stroke gets. Nevertheless, you need to pay special attention to the nib itself.

If you take a closer look at the nib, you will see that it is split in the middle. This way, the ink will be able to flow smoothly directly to the paper. So, when you push too hard, you can easily break or damage the nib. In case this happens to you, check out our replacement nibs category and find the right one for your fountain pen.

#3: Using The Wrong Ink:




When you are looking for fountain pen ink to start, you may assume that they are all the same. So, you just choose the cheapest ones. However, this isn’t the case. The truth is that fountain pen inks are not all the same. While some are thicker and tend to dry faster, others are just the opposite. Some fountain pen inks can easily stain your fountain pen while others don’t.

In case you are looking for high-quality fountain pen ink that is not pricey, you should consider buying fountain pen ink samples. This way, you will not only have a wide variety of colors as you will save a lot of money.

In what relates to the ink that you use, most fountain pens are already prepared to use fountain pen ink cartridges. They also offer you a wide range of colors and it will probably be easier for you to use them.

#4: Not Cleaning Your Fountain Pen:




As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, a fountain pen requires some maintenance. And a substantial part of that maintenance is to ensure that you keep it cleaned when you’re not using it or when you simply want to use a different ink.

When you don’t clean your fountain pen on a regular basis, it may end up clogged by dust or by ink residues. Nevertheless, cleaning your fountain pen is not difficult at all. In fact, you just need to use our Fountain Pen Cleaning Solution and it will be ready to store or to change the ink.



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  1. Frank72 says:

    Nice post. I just started using fountain pens recently and I love them. But I’m still trying to learn more and to add a couple of extra pens to my collection.

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