What Does Your Choice Of Pen Say About You

Everyone has their own dress code. When you take a look at career-minded individuals, you will notice that they tend to dress up in a very similar way. The same happens with their posture or the way they speak. However, one of the things that most people don’t even remember is that they tend to carry a pen with them. However, this isn’t just a pen; it’s a pen that matches them and the way they want people to look at them.

While many people believe that a pen is just a writing instrument that serves a purpose, we have to agree up to a point. More than a writing instrument, the pen that you carry with you was chosen by you for a reason. In case you are a very practical person, you may prefer to carry a ballpoint, for example. In case you like to show your perfectionism and that you are special, you may carry a fountain pen.

As you can see, the pen that you choose can definitely say a lot about you. Just like the way you dress or the way you behave also says a lot about you. After all, you probably already heard the saying “Judge a man by the shoe he wears”, and the truth is that the same can be said about a pen.

Different Pens & Matching Personalities

So, what does your pen say about you? Let’s check 4 different pens and learn what each one says about the writer’s personality.

#1: Ballpoint Pens:




Ballpoint pens are the most common type of pens that you can find. They tend to be quite affordable and they offer regular writing. Ballpoint pens are not the type of pens that we can consider outstanding or special. They’re just a pen.

So, as you can imagine, people who carry this type of pen couldn’t care less about being a part of the crowd. They are money savvy, less demanding, and as long as the ballpoint writes, their needs are met.

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#2: Rollerball Or Gel Pens:




Rollerball or gel pens have been increasing in popularity in the last couple of years. This type of pens is usually associated with individuals who are looking for a consistent, clean, and superfine writing. In addition, they tend to be extra smooth.

One of the things that has helped with the popularity of rollerballs is that they are usually available in a wide variety of colors.

So, what can we say about individuals who carry a rollerball or a gel pen? In most cases, they tend to be decision-makers who need to have a good pen always on their hands and that never fails. As good budget managers, these individuals spend money on the things they need.

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#3: Fountain Pens:




Extremely elegant and beautiful, fountain pens are the eternal classic that ted to be more expensive.

Fountain pens tend to be carried by individuals who have a high budget and don’t mind spending a lot to make themselves happy. However, they are also friendly.

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#4: Novelty Pens:




Novelty pens are the type of pens that are custom made. Usually, these pens are designed to meet specific preferences and needs. As you can imagine, the price range tends to be quite wide.

Individuals who prefer novelty pens tend to look for convenience above all. They are usually the kind of person who doesn’t mind spending a bit more in their peculiar pens. They tend to be friendly and are perfectly ok being the weird one in the crowd.



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