#5 Replacement Feeds


#5 Replacement Feeds


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  • Compatible with the popular size #5 nibs
  • Assures perfect ink flow
  • Compatible with stub and flex nibs
  • Can be used with steel or gold nibs
  • Easy to use allows you to bring new life to an old fountain pen


#5 Replacement Feed: Bringing New Life To An Old Pen

If one of your fountain pens is skipping, the problem might be on the feed. Old ink might have been stuck on your feed which affects the ink flow. Sometimes the solution is as simple as using a fountain pen cleaning solution to get rid of that old ink. Other times, the feed might need to be replaced to bring new life to your old pen.


  • Perfect Ink flow even with specialty nibs
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used on most #5 fountain pens


Perfect Ink Flow Even With Specialty Nibs

Our #5 Replacement Feeds assure perfect ink flow even on flex and stub nibs. These feeds can be used in any nib from EF up to 2.9mm stubs. The practical design offers you the opportunity to improve the ink flow of your current fountain pen.


Easy To Clean

No need to disassemble your pen to clean this replacement feed. Simply fill your pen with water or fountain pen cleaning solution before you store it, and let it dry.


Compatible With Size #5 Nibs

The #5 nibs are one of the most popular nibs sizes. These replacement feeds are compatible with most of our fountain pens. Simply check your nib size and pen model to assure the perfect compatibility.


Bring Line Variation To Your Everyday Writing

If you’re looking to replace your current fountain pen nib with a larger stub nib or a flex nib, you might take your feed to the limits. A feed can only assure ink flow up to a certain level, so if your fountain pen feed is not able to handle the ink flow requirements of a specialty nib, this replacement feed can be your solution.


Ink Compatibility

These replacement feeds can be used with any fountain pen ink no matter if you plan to use bottled ink or cartridges. These feeds work well with any of our fountain pen ink samples and cartridges.


Make Your Writing Experience Unique

Our simple replacement feeds allow you to improve your writing experience on an old pen, and also allow you to add special nibs to some of your favorite fountain pens. Check all our #5 Nibs.


Technical Specs

Condition New
Brand InexPens
Type Fountain Pens Accessories
Model #5 Replacement Feed
Color Black
Material Resin
Compatibility Size #5 Fountain Pen Nibs
Box Included  No
Diameter  5mm (0.20in)
Length 40mm (1.57in)
Weight 9g (0.32oz)
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